Recommended Products

We often get asked for recommendations to the best products for the money for our computers (or… these days… anything for that matter!) ¬†Below is a list of products we strongly recommend because we have found them to be the best, worth the money, cost-effective and efficient. ¬†Some we use personally, others we have researched thoroughly.

  1. External Card Reader
  2. Boosted WiFi Antenna
  3. Uninterrupted Power Supply
  4. Digital 21.5 inch Monitor
  5. DVI to DVI cable (for the above monitor)
  6. VHS to DVD Recorder
  7. Computer Speakers with Subwoofer (We personally have 2 sets in the factory…. they’re amazing.)
  8. Low Profile Video Card for AAC-X4 V4 (Will need to sacrifice the wireless card already installed.)
  9. USB 3.0 Hub
  10. USB Wired 56k Modem
  11. 8GB RAM Upgrade Kit for 8GB-based computers (2x 4GB set)