5 Year Warranty (Two Additional Years)


  • Addition protection for your computer
  • Ultra extended time for peace of mind
  • Single Shot Fix coverage – Never suffer the same problem more than once!
  • Data Transfer to new system (when possible)
  • Fastest turn around times for any repairs needed

When making a selection for a Linux “L” unit, choose the corresponding parent model.
Example:  If you purchase or purchased an AAC-X4L, select the AAC-X4. NOTE: i-Series coming soon.

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In addition to our standard 3 year warranty, you can now purchase an extended warranty to protect your system from hardware faults, hardware failure, and the multitude of other perils that can happen to your precious computer.  This gives you a total of 5 years of peace of mind and support.  All benefits listed below begin from the date of purchase through the duration of the coverage period.


  • Additional two years of coverage for a total of 5 years
  • Same great service and tech support
  • Peace of mind for just pennies a day
  • No deductibles
  • Simple and affordable
  • Easy issue and process handling – One call handles everything
  • The protection from the people that know your computer best – not some 3rd party group that does not know the pieces
  • BONUS – We will get you your computer faster!  With the 5 year plan, your system gets priority handling.  Your computer will leave our facility in tip top condition on its way to you within one business day
  • BONUS – Repeated issues are never fun.  That’s why we include what we call “Single Shot Fix.”  If your computer has to come back to us for the same issue more than once, we will replace it with a new one
  • BONUS – Forgot to back up your stuff?  For the duration of the full 5 years, in the event of hardware failure, we will transfer your data to your new system any data that we can recover from your old system.  Extra protection and piece of mind to your critical data!

Please be sure to pick the warranty that applies to your system.  If you have multiple systems from us, please select the correct policies for the systems.  One policy per system.  All policies are registered with a computer serial number.  Documentation regarding your policy will be emailed to you upon purchase.  When purchasing separately from a system, please include the serial number of the computer to which you wish the warranty to be applied.  Please contact us regarding bulk or corporate discounts/coverage.  This coverage can be purchased up to 3 years from the original date of purchase.

Additional information

Warranty Length

5 years from date of designated computer purchase


Extra two years of coverage, one day turn around times, single shot replacement, data recovery in event of hardware failure