The Kajuzzi Project

The Kajuzzi Project is the dream of AA Computer’s owner, dreamt up as an answer to an issue concealed from the world.  Years ago, there used to be innovation – innovation from fearless entrepreneurs, bright minds and clever people from all over the world.  Advancements in technology has exploded over the past century, but now that has been stifled.  Corporations, businesses and lawyers are all vying to make money and often at the expense of others.  There isn’t a day that goes by anymore that you don’t hear about another court case between two megalith companies battling over who owns the “rectangle.”  The term “Patent Troll” has become part of our daily language.  People are scared to come up with ideas.

The Kajuzzi Project aims to fix that.

Still a work in progress, but the building blocks in place, we are working hard to bring this idea to reality, and hope that humanity will come together and find their true spark for invention, innovation, and making dreams become reality.  Our goal and mission is simple, and our method even simpler.

  1. A person like you or me comes up with an idea, but with no way of bringing the idea to light. Maybe it’s the red tape, maybe it’s the daunting process, maybe it’s the legal issues, or maybe the person believes that the idea should simply be told.
  2. The idea gets posted on Kajuzzi, becoming property of the public domain (no one owns it because everyone owns it.)
  3. Everyone can chime in on the idea, offer their own insights, ideas, research, videos, pictures, and other progressions.
  4. When idea seems to be viable, plausible, and doable enough, people can vote for the project to be the “Pursued Project” which will be voted once a month.
  5. The Kajuzzi Foundation, as the non-profit organization, will use their networking and research skills to find and secure funding for the project from donations, Kickstarter, local companies or even large grants.
  6. The Kajuzzi Foundation will then work with manufacturers, research labs, organizations, and other entities to make the idea, thought up as only a seedling in a person’s mind, a reality.
  7. Any profits made from any products (as no product will be produced with profits in mind) will be forwarded to the next project.

The goal of the website is not to make another smart phone or other consumer good that we simply must have.  Its real goal is to invent and inspire, to bring people together, and to make the world a better place.  If we can make just one project that, for example, makes cardboard that is 70% stronger and uses 30% less paper, then we have fulfilled our mission.

Stay tuned for further details.

We have started accepting donations for the site to become live. We are using as many funds from AA Computers as possible, but more is needed to make this project a reality. If you believe in our dream and can contribute anything, please use the button below to help us. Developers are not cheap. 🙂


09/13/2013 update:

Design has begun on the site,, and we are looking for people to help with this altruistic project!  If you have skills, spare time, and a wish to help the world just a little bit more, please let us know here!

The skills we are seeking are:

  • Web Developer
  • Graphics Artist
  • Database Manager
  • Patent Lawyer